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As natural therapy practitioners ourselves, we found that sometimes “all the talking, coaching, planning and strategies in the world haven’t created the change” you wish for your clients.

Sometimes there seems to be an unconscious block.

You know all the right structure is in place, but your client isn’t able to create change just at this moment.

Perhaps, you can see that they are almost there, but they just need a tiny bit of help, so then they can be aligned with the new way of being.

This is where KinKit remedies can help. We have taken our years of Complementary Medicine training and our absolute passion for the remedies and put together a package especially for coaches.

Our step by step process will teach you how to confidently use the KinKit Remedies with your clients so you can help them make the internal shifts to make change. 

We have created a specialised 5 Remedy Kin Kit practitioner kit, so you can use the Remedies in your clinic. 

You might find them helpful when you need to be clear, aligned and ready for your next client after a particularly intense session

You might use them for your client in a session if they are experiencing some kind of emotional stress and you would like to offer comfort.

And we have created these because they are safe, effective, natural and gentle. 

Because we know, through just a small shift in perspective… your entire world can change.

This Kit covers most situations and contains these remedies…Even Keel, Easy Peasy, Smile and Glide, New Leaf & B-sharp, plus a bonus OMG. It enables you to offer extra support in your coaching session.

We also offer an affiliate program for your business.

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