Smile and Glide


Product Description

The Remedy for resilience amid unwanted change.

“Why feel like the rug has been pulled out from under your feet when you can learn how to dance on a shifting carpet” (old proverb…we think!)

When change arrives unannounced, and you’re not sure where to tread next, Smile and Glide can help activate your inner resources to not only cope and thrive but step into the future with courage and a renewed sense of self.

This Remedy was created to help make healthy transitions; learn from the past while letting it go; be fully in the present; for courage and confidence to face life’s challenges; acceptance and forgiveness; flowing with life; inner peace and a calm clear mind.

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Pop two drops of the Remedy under your tongue or into a bottle or glass of water and sip during the day.

We recommend taking them either twice a day or added to your water bottle every time you refill it. However the KinKit Remedies can’t be overdosed…so some people choose to take them every time they think of the Remedy.  We’ve also included our red ‘memory button’ on the top of the pack…this can be worn as a bracelet or tied somewhere prominent to jog your memory & remind you to take the Remedy.

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This Remedy contains

Honeysuckle…to let go of longing for the past
Mimulus…for known fears
Willow…for the ‘why me?’ feelings
White Chestnut…to stop the persistent worry
Walnut…to stay true to yourself

Ingredients: Spring water, Organic brandy preservative, Bach remedies