Sacred Space Kit



The very best gift we can offer the planet is ourself…in balance

The honouring of sacred space in our homes, our journeys and in our hearts is a really good start…and keeps our awareness high, so that we are able to make the choices we wish and not be swept away unthinking into reactions that don’t serve us.

With that in mind we have created the Kin Kit Sacred Space Kit.

To help you create awareness every day…so that you have a better chance of making the choices you want, to finding the alignment you seek and creating the life of your dreams.

Comfort and Joy beeswax candles with pure essential oils of Sandalwood and Orange. To purify your home, spread an eye-soothing light and the beautiful fragrance of comforting sandalwood and joyful orange. Whenever you light the candle you are also lighting your awareness of sacred space and choice…each time you see the golden light the candle casts or smell it’s beautiful scent, you are again reminded that in each moment choice exists.

Our kindheart mist with organic rosewater is especially designed for your face or space, bringing that same gentle awareness and kindness to yourself or environment as you travel outside of your home. Helping you to maintain that balance and harmony in the wider world. First you have to fill yourself up with kindness and then it will flow easily and effortlessly to others.

Our remedy drops help you maintain your balance on the inside….whether you choose from our range or a request a bespoke remedy. The flower remedies are there to help you find your inner alignment and centre. If you need a general purpose balancer, we’d suggest Easy Peasy, it’s all about making choices, and making them easily from a balanced centred state. Coming into the holiday season, we would suggest Cool Yule. The sacred space collection comes packed together in a reusable gift bag and it makes a great gift for yourself or your kin.