Product Description

OMG- The Remedy that all of us wish we will never need!

Sadly, life can be full of moments when you see or hear something you weren’t expecting and it rattles you to your core. It can feel like everything shuts down…maybe you go a little numb…you might find it hard to take it all in…it could be shock…disbelief…it just doesn’t seem to be real!

At those times of acute trauma…when you hear yourself thinking or saying “Oh My Gosh!” this is the remedy to reach for. This Remedy was created to bring comfort and to soothe; for a calm, clear mind; able to think clearly and make sound and rational choices; for courage and confidence to face the future.

This little brown bag contains a 10ml dropper bottle that contains

Star of Bethlehem…to release the effects of shock
Rock rose…for feelings of panic and terror
Mimulus…for strong fear relating to trauma
Cherry plum…to ease the fear of losing control
Clematis…to stay grounded and present

Ingredients: Spring water, Organic brandy preservative, Bach remedies

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Pop two drops of the Remedy under your tongue or into a bottle or glass of water and sip during the day.

We recommend taking them either twice a day or added to your water bottle every time you refill it. However the KinKit Remedies can’t be overdosed…so some people choose to take them every time they think of the Remedy.  We’ve also included our red ‘memory button’ on the top of the pack…this can be worn as a bracelet or tied somewhere prominent to jog your memory & remind you to take the Remedy.

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