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Here Calms the Bride



bride blog 2, pic 1For peace and calm around tying the knot…

Much of the excitement, joy and fun of the lead-up to a wedding can be overshadowed by the tension and frustration that comes from making sure that everything is just right.

We can’t stop the unexpected from appearing but this remedy can help you to deal with it and maintain some sense of calm and composure as you seek to find a solution. It’s like having the perfect bridesmaid or wedding planner in a bottle!

The Remedy’s ‘memory button’ is a blue bird of happiness which can not only be a reminder to take the Remedy but also of the wedding day or the gift itself.


Pop two drops of the Remedy under your tongue or into a bottle or glass of water and sip during the day.

We recommend taking them either twice a day or added to your water bottle every time you refill it. However the KinKit Remedies can’t be overdosed…so some people choose to take them every time they think of the Remedy. We’ve also included our bluebird of happiness ‘memory button’ on the top of the pack…this can be worn as a bracelet or tied to your bouquet to jog your memory & remind you to take the Remedy.

Ingredients: Spring water, Vegetable glycerine, Bach remedies