Cool Yule


Product Description

Cool Yule – the perfect stocking filler or ‘Kris Kringle’ gift.

O.K…while the kids aren’t around let’s accept the fact that there are no pixies, angels, or other magic helpers to get us through what should be the season of comfort and joy.

Comfort and joy…who are they kidding? Christmas can bring with it all kinds of stresses, and it can be tricky trying to deck the halls when you feel like the one who’s hit the deck!

This is the remedy that just might make you feel like all your Christmases have come at once, and, dare we suggest…it’s almost as good as a Sanity Clause!

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Pop two drops of the Remedy under your tongue or into a bottle or glass of water and sip during the day.

We recommend taking them either twice a day or added to your water bottle every time you refill it. However the KinKit Remedies can’t be overdosed…so some people choose to take them every time they think of the Remedy.  We’ve also included our red ‘memory button’ on the top of the pack…this can be worn as a bracelet or tied somewhere prominent to jog your memory & remind you to take the Remedy.

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