B Sharp


Your remedy for clarity and focus, to get you ‘on song’ for the change you desire.

This is for those times when you’re ready to sing a different song, but you’re not quite sure if you have found your voice yet! B-sharp will get you humming along by helping you tune into what you want, while helping provide the stamina to get you there.

This Remedy was created for patience; flowing with the pace of life; outward life expresses your true goals and values; energy, enthusiasm and involvement in life’s tasks; decisiveness, inner resolve and acting from certainty of inner-knowing; confidence and perseverance.

This Remedy contains

Impatiens…no, you can’t squeeze a seed to make it grow!
Wild Oat…clarity of your life’s inner direction
Hornbeam…from procrastination to destination
Scleranthus…for uncertainty and indecision
Gentian…for when you’re flat and discouraged

Ingredients: Spring water, Organic brandy preservative, Bach remedies

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Pop two drops of the Remedy under your tongue or into a bottle or glass of water and sip during the day.

We recommend taking them either twice a day or added to your water bottle every time you refill it. However the KinKit Remedies can’t be overdosed…so some people choose to take them every time they think of the Remedy.  We’ve also included our red ‘memory button’ on the top of the pack…this can be worn as a bracelet or tied somewhere prominent to jog your memory & remind you to take the Remedy.

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