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Here Calms the Bride (Part 2)

How on earth will we ever find exactly the blue birds we want for our remedy?

It was a long process to find them but it was fantastic!

It all started when we were trawling through Etsy and discovered exactly the retro blue-bird of happiness we’d dreamt about! It was so exciting…we ordered a supply from a fabulous woman in the UK…she has since become a firm friend (hi Danielle!). They arrived beautifully packaged and we were very happy….the only problem was that we had bought Danielle’s complete supply and her supplier no longer carried them…big sigh! And then we found that they were no longer even in production!

What to do??? We loved them…nothing else would do and so a search began, you have to love the internet…it became quite engrossing, exploring leads only to find they were blind alleyways, until one day an amazing thing happened…

We made contact with a man in Pakistan called Naveed, he was so friendly and helpful and in quite a short time assured us that he could make the exact blue birds we desired!

We liked him so much…his emails made us smile with friendly greetings, he sounded so kind, he always answered our questions quickly, confidently and politely…we or should we say (Ann) was quite convinced that he could do exactly as he said.

Soon we (she) had sent him off our payment and we waited for our birds to come home to roost!

About this time a tiny niggle of worry crept in…haven’t we all heard stories of gullible women who give their life savings to predatory men via the internet in foreign places…OMG was this Ann????

Naveed notified us quite quickly that our order had been shipped….and yet still we waited…doubts just below the surface…he really did sound so sincere and kind, we really wanted everything to work out fine… but where was our package??

And then…after a few more days of anxious searching and frustrating tracking systems…our blue birds arrived! Perfectly packaged and addressed, although sent on a wild-goose chase around Australia by a certain postal service, still all’s well that ends well.

Naveed was and is a most honourable man, true to his word and an excellent craftsman. Our bluebirds really are full of happiness and trust…we think they are gorgeous! We hope you like them too…and we hope you will buy up lots of ‘Here Calms the Bride‘…so we can keep ordering more birds from Naveed…and help him and his friends in Pakistan to make a good living too.

It’s one of those feel good, everybody wins, kind of situations that we absolutely love. Once again it’s the making of kin…which is what KinKit is all about!

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