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Here Calms the Bride (Part 1)

One day we were talking and a thought came to us, “Wouldn’t a remedy that helped brides enjoy the lead-up to the wedding, calmly and happily and without strain be a lovely thing”…and so our plan was hatched.

We talked about the challenges that most brides have to contend with, the myriad of choices big and small, the planning and organising and the hopes and dreams for a perfect day…and we formulated a remedy to help bring a sense of confidence and calm…with the aim of smoothing away the stress and letting the light of happiness sparkle and shine.
We love the name…Here Calms the Bride…we hum a little tune in our heads whenever we see it!

here are all the details…

Here Calms the Bride
For when things unravel around tying the knot

Much of the excitement, joy and fun of the lead-up to a wedding can be overshadowed by the tension and frustration that comes from making sure that everything is just right.
We can’t stop the unexpected from appearing but this remedy can help you to deal with it and maintain some sense of calm and composure as you seek to find a solution. It’s like having the perfect bridesmaid or wedding planner in a bottle!
This Remedy contains
•             Mimulus…to alleviate the fear that things will go wrong
•             Rockwater…to help you relax and enjoy the preparations
•             Larch…to maintain confidence that all will be well
•             Walnut…to stay true to yourself and your vision
•             White Chestnut…for mental arguments and worry
Aim: For confident self-assurance, a contented calm outlook, enjoyment of every step of the process, freedom from unwanted influences, and the ability to silence the confusing mental chatter.

Once the Here Calms the Bride remedy was formulated we started to think about the packaging…our red memory buttons simply wouldn’t do for this remedy. We needed something different…we wanted something blue…something a bit old…retro maybe? We searched high and low and eventually decided on the dear little blue swallows that you will see on the bags. How they came into being was quite a process and part part two of this story.


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