What do the KinKit Remedies contain?

KinKit Remedies are blends of Natural Spring water, Organic Brandy and Bach Flower Essences.

•              Each KinKit Remedy contains approximately 5 Flower Essences in a specially chosen blend to the suit the most common emotions around a particular situation.

•              The Remedies are intended primarily for emotional conditions, including but not limited to, anxiety and stress.

•              The KinKit Remedies are natural gentle acting drops that are designed to be added to your water bottle each morning and sipped throughout the day. Or taken with a glass of water or dropped straight under the tongue. You can also use the Remedies in your bath or on your wrists or temples. Shop now

What are the Bach Flower Essences that you use?

The Bach Flower Essences were the inspiration of Dr Edward Bach, created in the UK in the 1930’s.

They should not be confused with essential oils which are steam distilled from plant material. Unlike essential oils the Bach Flower Essences have no fragrance. They are energetic essences more similar to homeopathics…although they are produced quite differently.

There are 38 individually prepared flower essences, each one specially created to treat a different feeling or emotion. They help you to manage the emotional demands of everyday life. The Essences work by stimulating the body’s own capacity to heal itself, by balancing negative feelings, helping you to take control, feel good about yourself, and get more out of life. They are simple and easy to use and are suitable for babies, children, adults, animals and plants. shop now

Why would I want a KinKit Remedy?

We have designed the kinkit range to help you cope with stress, there are so many stressful situations in our busy lives. Some say that most illness follows a period of intense stress, our resistance and immune systems are depleted and we become vulnerable to illness. We all try to keep ourselves well, by exercising, being aware of our diet and making sure we get adequate rest. Kinkit Remedies are another tool to assist you in managing the stress in your life.

We started by looking at stress and its causes and then we used the fabulous Bach Flower Essences to create a simple and useful tool to help regain balance.

We’re pretty sure that most kinds of stress can be reduced to 4 basic situations

  1. Sudden acute stress situations causing shock or panic
  2. Chronic debilitating stressful situations that seem endless
  3. The stress when unwanted change happens and you’re struggling to cope
  4. The stress and frustration of wanting to make a change but you can’t

So we’ve blended 4 very special Remedies to address these four famous foes of balance and harmony.

  1. OMG
  2. Even Keel
  3. Smile & Glide
  4. B-sharp

Plus we’ve added some extra combination remedies for other common dilemmas that left unbalanced can create sources of stress. Like New Leaf for making changes and starting new projects with a minimum of fuss. Easy Peasy to make confusing choices a snap, and Cool Yule our annual holiday helper. Shop now

Why would I send a KinKit Remedy to someone?

There are times when life conspires to put distance between us, and the ones we love, when they’re dealing with life’s ups and downs…

A phone call or email is nice…flowers are good sometimes…but there are other occasions when you’d like to do more…to say more…and to help more.

That’s when you’d send a KinKit Remedy…we call them ‘bottles of care when you can’t be there.’ Shop now

If I can’t find exactly what I want, can you create a KinKit for me?

Yes…if you can’t find a KinKit Remedy that’s exactly right for your particular situation, we can design one for you. Just follow the link to our Bespoke Remedies. We’ll send you out a complete list of the Bach Flower Essences and the emotions they address, you then choose the 5 Essences most suited to your present feelings. You can imagine how many combinations of 5 are possible from the 38 different Bach Flower Essences! We can blend the Bespoke Remedy that you’ve chosen and mail it to you, payment is easy & safe via Paypal

note: If after reading the chart, you still feel unsure about choosing the remedies yourself we suggest contacting your trusted natural health provider for a Bach Flower Essence consultation.

Do the products in KinKits contain any harmful ingredients?

Our desire from the start of KinKit was to have a business that operates ethically… that’s good for the planet as well as being good for you! We source the best quality products we can…we look for organic and biodynamic wherever possible. All of our products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, harsh surfactants (SLS), and synthetic colours and fragrances. We use our experience in Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Naturopathy to personally select each product.

The KinKit Remedies contain Spring water, Organic Brandy and Bach Flower Essences. The Bach Flower Essences , which we use to make the KinKit blends have been around since the 1930’s and have no contraindications at all…they are vibrational Remedies produced from flowers…a bit like homeopathics. One of the main differences is that they were created to help with emotional conditions not physical symptoms.

We use the organic brandy preservative as 25% of the blend. However the suggested dose is two drops from your Remedy twice a day, so if you add them to your water bottle…say a 750ml drink bottle… you can see the amount ingested is vibrational rather than having a physical effect on anyone.

Some people recovering from alcohol dependency are still concerned about this level of ingestion of brandy…in this case the Remedies can be applied topically…to wrists or other pulse points. However, if this is also unacceptable to the individual, we are able to create a bespoke Remedy using vegetable glycerine rather than the brandy preservative…follow the link to Bespoke Remedy.

Postage / Payment

We prefer to send your KinKit within Australia via Australia Post. Please let us know if you would prefer another way.

You can PAY for a KinKit in the following ways:

Direct Deposit, Cheque or Money order. Contact us via shop@kinkit.com.au for details.
Please note that payment must be processed before your KinKit can be sent out. Direct deposits are approved overnight, not instantly processed, and in some cases they may take up to 72 hours. All prices quoted are in AUSTRALIAN dollars

Packages are sent Monday-to- Friday and are usually delivered in Australia within 2 to 5 working days…delivery times outside of Australia will vary depending on destination and payment processing time. Packages cannot be delivered on weekends or public holidays. Freight is NOT included in the cost of your KinKit (within Australia).

We’ll email you as soon as your KinKit starts to move.

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