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‘Easy Peasy’

What gift to purchase, what frock to wear, what to cook, should I shave my hair?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by choices and decisions? These days we have so many alternatives and possibilities that making choices can feel impossible.

And big or small we are making lots of choices every day.

Asking friends opinions doesn’t always help as everyone is different and we need to make the decision that’s right for us.

Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to ‘get it right’ that we are almost incapable of making any choice at all…or we rush into making a decision…any decision… just to be done with the tension.

If this sounds familiar then Easy Peasy is the remedy for you!

It contains 5 specially chosen Flower Remedies to help remove the obstacles to confident decision making.

• Cerato :  lack of trust in one’s own decisions
• Larch:  lack of confidence
• Scleranthus:  inability to choose between alternatives
• Walnut: protection from change and unwanted influences
• White Chestnut: unwanted thoughts and mental arguments

So when choices abound and your mind is in a spin, Easy Peasy will help dispel your doubts and help you access that inner knowing that makes your right choice clear.

Its aims are trust in your own inner knowing or intuition with self confidence and certainty. Decisiveness and inner resolve, inner quiet and a calm clear mind, courage to follow your own path, free from limiting outside influences.

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