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Bespoke Remedies, a blank canvas ready to be created.

Kinkit Bespoke Remedies, especially for you ♥

There are times in everyone’s life when we just feel that the balance is a bit off. It can be a little bit skewed or sometimes we can feel completely screwed!

This is when a well chosen individual Bach remedy can really help us regain our composure and move on again with the natural joy and resilience that comes when we are feeling our best.

Whilst at Kinkit we always offer you our kit of  ‘brown bag’ stress management remedies, did you know that we can also prepare an individual remedy just for you?

If you are very clear about how you are feeling and what you want to re-balance in your life, we can send you our free list of all 38 Bach Flower Remedies and their applications. You can pick the five that best suit you and we’ll combine & bottle them and then send the blend to you asap!

Payment is easy, as we are now using Paypal, or you can make a deposit into the kinkit account if you’d prefer (we’ll send you the details when you contact us for your Bespoke order).

So if you’re not feeling on top of the world and you’d like a little help from your kinkit-kin, order a KinKit Bepoke Remedy and we’ll send you the complete Bach remedy list for free…choose the remedies that best fit for you and we’ll dispense your Bespoke Remedy as quickly as we can.

The complete KinKit Remedy plan (delivered to your inbox with love)