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Mothering with Kin Kit Remedies

Kin Kit Remedies

Finn – 7 weeks old

Tell me how you felt in the early days when your first baby was born?

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I went into the birth, brimming with confidence..

I casually said to my neighbour at 41 weeks…

“I’m organised, I have boobs, what else do I need?”

Fast forward, a 30 hour labour, emergency C-section and husband back at work, many days spent losing cups of tea…need I say more.

How did you deal with the tiredness and stress with a new baby?

I had never experienced the pure exhaustion that comes with a new baby, I was bare, vulnerable and had no experience or resources to sustain me.

I had lots of personal support, but you feel the ultimate responsibility lies with you.

That exhaustion makes tiny decisions hard, and the most precious person in the whole world is dependant on you…

With time, you start to create resources, support, techniques…. easy things that bring you confidence and often the simplest things are best.

Things that will help keep you calm and centred so that you can make balanced decisions as you are gaining experience in mothering your darling baby.

As a naturopath, I wanted something natural and the Kin Kit Remedies were the first thing I turned to.

Tell me about the Kin Kit Remedies?

Ann & I used our extensive Natural therapies experience to create the Kin Kit remedies, the safest gentlest solution, we could possible create.

They gently help with emotional states, easing you back into balance.

Handpicked for things we all experience in our lives, such as, exhaustion, fear, overwhelm & decision making.

We added red memory buttons, an easy reminder to take a remedy….

At Kin Kit we believe that kindness, gentleness and ease make life…..well easier.

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